An Ode to a Canuck
By Sam Chan

An old boy, but not yet a man
One who ne’er walked and always ran
so much passion, spirit and speed
he needed a bike to fill his needs.

an inspiration for an entire city
who proudly represented his whole country
went by the name of luc bourdon
and now we mourn that he’s gone.

Essay for English One-oh-two
By Sam Chan

to be well organized.
Can poetry really be well organized?

My father’s not white, nor my mother black
Racism? Feminism? Man, I don’t know jack.

Give me 20 more books, and I couldn’t explain what it is.
Just like Walt Whitman couldn’t tell you what grass is.

Digging, through my brain, my skull, to find it.
My daddy’s daddy dug crops, but I just eat it.

All the libraries in the world couldn’t show,
But I only need one line, I suppose

What isn’t?

It may not be the greatest, but to me its true,
This is my sorry ass essay for English one oh two.

This was in response to an exam question in English 102: Introduction to Poetry. The question was something along the lines of: In your own words, describe in a well organized manner what poetry is. In order to accomplish a passing grade, I had to force myself to write an essay just in case they didn’t like my poem.


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