Why the #@&$ do I got a diary?

In a stereotypical world, diaries and journals are for sissies, women, and barbies (not necessarily related with one another). Real men go play sports, go hunting, and eat fried chicken. The outdoors is where its at, why spend your time writing words nobody will read? Then the blog hit, and suddenly its all about livejournal, blogger, xanga (RIP) and every mother and her step brother in law has a b-log. But that has come and gone, word to Pokemon, POGS and Captain Planet so why am I starting a wordpress now? I compiled myself a little list in order (I think)to convince you readers why you should keep reading. Come to think of it, its more of a list for me in order to convince me to keep writing.

  1. WordPress looks cool.
  2. To show off my amazing writing skills which ought to be read by millions.
  3. To make a difference in the world. (Yes, I expect people’s response to be something like this:  I don’t want to steal, I want to make something out of myself because Sam’s blog has given me purpose!)
  4. To make myself and others feel better about my poor grades in papers. Nobody can fail me here. You’re reading A++ material 100 percent of the time here. I guarantee.
  5. I can’t hunt.
  6. To share my absence of intellect with the future world. I am making my own history.
  7. To save myself from starting another hobby, like podcasting.
  8. To make meaning of myself. Some people are school teachers for the disabled, others volunteer in suburbs in China, I blog.
  9. To make new friends. If you think you might be my enemy, you can leave now.
  10. To kill time when I’m bored.

So maybe the sissies, women, and barbies have it right. It isn’t something feminine or emasculating if I choose to write about myself (talk about self-obsession) instead of shooting deer, word to Bambi, but simply something to do that’s free and passes lots of time. And look at that, my girlfriend’s off class now. Wow, blogging is great.


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